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The Key Jar: 48 Questions to Ask Your Kids

The Key Jar: 48 Questions to Ask Your Kids
In our house, we give our kids a thousand answers to a thousand questions a day (well it feels like thousands!). But this cool idea inspires the idea that wise parents ask their children a million questions.
When we ask questions of those we love it shows that we care and that we want to know what’s going on in their lives.
Personally I’d like to know more about my kids – lots more! I always will. I don’t want them to ever be a mystery. I respect privacy but I always want to know what makes them tick if you get what I mean?
This cool idea (that was sent into us from one of our readers) allows for brilliant exploring time at family dinners!  So rather than just asking “So – how was your day?” – try this!
It’s basically a “Conversation Jar” filled with interesting questions that you can ask your kids and the entire family can take part. Try putting it on the kitchen table and a few times a week, take turns pulling out a question during dinner. Wait until you see how it can spruce up your dinner conversations.
Example: “If you were an inventor – what would you invent, and why?” . Watch their little hands fly up in the air to respond with their answers. It will liven up dinner time, make it a fun family bonding experience and more importantly (for me anyway) helps you know your kids just a little bit more.
So here are the instructions and a link to where this idea came from.

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