Cool And Alternative Summer Camps That The Kids Will Love

Summer camps are a great way to keep the kids entertained over the long break.

Summer camps are a great way to keep the kids entertained over the long break.
They are also a great opportunity for a child to try something new, or finally get to do the one thing they have always wanted to do, like experience a flight simulator.  
If you are looking for something a little different, why not have a look at these:
1. The School of Irish Archaeology
For an alternative to sports-themed camps, why not try the SIA camp. Run in a practical and fun way, kids will be introduced to the mystery of the past in a hands-on approach. The camp takes place in Harold’s Cross and Malahide during the month of July.
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2. Atlantic Air Adventures
This is the perfect camp for kids who have dreams of flying their very own plane. There are two different types of camps, depending on age-group.
Aviation Academy is suitable for children 13+ and runs throughout the month of July. Here teens will be able to explore the world of flight with tutorials from aviation professionals, and practical flight stimulation exercises.
Aviation Camp is for the younger kids. Here they will learn about the theories of flight, and follow real lesson plans and test their skill at the flight simulator.
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3. Designer Minds
At Designer Minds children will be introduced to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) in a fun and engaging way. Camp goers will get to discover the life around them, use a range of materials they wouldn’t get to use in school, learn how to code and even build circuits and rockets.
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4. Learnit
This Lego-based camp is ideal for getting children’s brains ticking over. Suitable for children aged 6 – 16, there are four different camps depending on age: Junior Engineers (6-8), Senior Engineers (9-12), Junior Robotics (8-11) and Senior Robotics (11+). The camps will focus in on different topics; from learning how to build skyscrapers to understanding how friction, weight and other forces would affect mechanics.
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Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321

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