9 ways to avoid going crazy with the kids this Easter

A guide as to how to avoid tearing your hair out during the holidays.

It’s the kid’s holidays again? I know it only seems like yesterday they were off for Christmas.  
At least when the kids are at school you get a few hours in the day were you don’t have to worry about occupying them and when they get home you have the routine of homework and reading so most of the day flies by. All routines go out the window on the holidays but they don’t have to. Easter can be an enjoyable relaxing experience with a little planning and dare I say it organisation.  
  • It can help to get organised by making a plan for the time they have off. Look at each day and what you can or might do each day. Obviously some things are weather permitting so have a back-up idea if the weather fall’s flat and as we are living in Ireland you can be guaranteed bad weather. Involve all the family in planning out what they want to do. It might even work out less expensive as kids sometimes just want to go to a playground or kick a ball around. 
  • Keep them busy by dividing out chores to do each morning after they get up and have eaten breakfast  A lot of kids get fed up because they would normally be in school for a good few hours during the day and free time equals potential boredom. Instead ,utilise the hours better in the morning with a few little tasks and once they are completed then you can have fun. 
  • Next up, set aside time to get them to read books on their holidays, older kids should read and the younger ones can practice their reading skills with you near-by should they require any help. Keeping them learning and the brain ticking will benefit everyone at home and you can call it quiet time.  
  • If you haven’t got any art supplies, invest in some and do a few hours of arts and crafts for everyone to enjoy. If it is nice outside let them paint or draw out the back and the pictures will dry quicker.  
  • If you are feeling adventurous, with all those extra hands at home, put aside one day to declutter and spring clean. Gather up all the kids to put aside unwanted toys, games and clothes that are too small for them and get the items all boxed up for the charity shops.  
  • Playdates are a great idea to keep the little ones happy and even though you are gaining an extra child it will give you some peace while they play with their guest. 
  • Visiting relatives (whether close or far) will be great for your kids and maybe Nana might keep the children for a few hours. However if that isn’t possible, a day trip is a nice especially if you don’t see these members of family often.  
  • Meet a friend who has kids and plan some time together, maybe organising a game of rounders or hide and go seek outside. You can bring a take away coffee and have a chat. 
  • If at all possible, try to get a might together with your partner to unwind at the end of the holidays. Either spend it with friends, going out for dinner or a trip to the cinema.  So have a bubble bath, do yourself up and paint the town red! Or just go out at 8pm and be home at half 10 exhausted tired like all us fellow parents! 
Happy Easter!

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