7 Fun Activities To Do Over The Easter Break

The Easter holidays are just around the corner! The kids are probably ecstatic, but you may be slightly dreading it. 

The Easter holidays are just around the corner! The kids are probably ecstatic, but you may be slightly dreading it.
What are you going to do with the kids to keep them entertained for two whole weeks? I have been thinking about this myself and came up with a few fun and easy activities to do with the whole family to pass the time away during the school break.
Day Trip: Plan a day trip to somewhere close by, maybe the zoo, a petting farm or an activity centre. There will be sure to be somewhere close by but also far enough away that it will pass away an entire day. This Easter, we are planning on going to Dublin Zoo on the train. The train makes the trip even more exciting because what child doesn’t love a ride on the train?
Egg Hunt: You can do this both on Easter Sunday and any other day during the holidays. You could invite some friends or cousins around and have an Easter Egg Hunt. You can now buy egg hunt packs, which come with clues and all the chocolate eggs. You just have to get creative with the hiding spots!
Crafts: With a quick google search you can find loads of fun and relatively simple Easter themed crafts to do with the kids. If you’re stuck for ideas, I have found this post online with many different ideas on small Easter crafts. 
Baking: In our family, we love any excuse to bake! A really cute and simple idea we love to do every year is make Easter egg nests. It is easy for the kids to get involved in too. We generally use this BBC recipe.
Easter Books: Something I like to do is instead of buying a lot of chocolate and Easter eggs for the kids, is to buy them an Easter themed book. We love books in our house! This year I’m going to take both the kids into our local independent bookshop and let them pick out their book. We can then read them together when we get home!
Two weeks off from school is a lot for small kids but, hopefully, this will give you some idea of fun activities to fill up the time off.
Lauren Kennedy is a SAHM of two boys, a business owner and digital creator. She is the owner and founder of Books and Charmsand blogs at Harmonize. You can follow her on Instagram.

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