5 Really Lovely Christmas Eve Traditions To Start This Year

We love a good tradition in our house! I also think I prefer Christmas Eve over Christmas Day.

We love a good tradition in our house! I also think I prefer Christmas Eve over Christmas Day. Seeing the excitement levels in your kid’s the night before The Big Man arrives is truly magical.
Our family have quite a few traditions for Christmas Eve so here are a few ideas for your own family to start.
Read a Christmas tale
What better way to wind down Christmas Eve night than with a classic Christmas tale. Every family probably has their own favourite story to read on Christmas Eve. My kid’s love The Night Before Christmas story and the rhyming in the story is always fun for them.
Getting into new Christmas pyjamas
Our family went for matching family Christmas PJ’s this year and we can’t wait to snuggle up in them in front of the fire. It makes for a great family photo too! Alternatively, allow your kids to choose their own Christmas PJs. They will be delighted to get into them and go to bed early for Santa in their new pyjamas. Christmas Eve is just not the same without new PJs!
Scatter reindeer food
There are many great recipes to create your own reindeer food online. But in general, all you need is some rolled oats and edible glitter. It can be a fun activity for the kids to create their own reindeer food and scatter it in the lawn or around the fireplace.
Leave out a treat for Santa
I think this is something the majority of families do the night before Santa arrives, but it never gets old! Typically, you would leave out milk and cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. But you can always switch up the milk and cookies for something more enjoyable for the parents, like a glass of wine and swap the carrot for the reindeer food you make.
Hot chocolate and a movie
Make some homemade hot chocolate with the kids and enjoy it with a Christmas movie they pick out. I think there’s nothing better than making your own homemade hot chocolate. It tastes much richer and chocolatier! Let the kids pick out their own toppings for their hot chocolate, like cream, mini marshmallows or crushed peppermint candy canes. Our own favourite movie to watch Christmas Eve night is The Polar Express.
Written by Lauren Kennedy, staffwriter at FFHQ.

Lauren Kennedy

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