Things you need to teach your young adult before they leave home.

Anyone got any kids moving out or heading off to college soon?

It is the time of year when all the youngsters are moving away from home and starting a new life whether it be in college or for going travelling for a year out.
There are many things parents teach their children but sometimes if they do everything for them all the time, they don’t allow them to learn the basics of living alone. With this in mind here are a few things all youngsters should know before they leave home, along with exams and study these are just as important to your child’s development.
  • Personal hygiene- It is quite simple to wash yourself regularly and keep up basic hygiene however some youngsters will get lazy and put it on the long finger. Every young person should be getting a wash every day and just because Mammy isn’t there to tell them doesn’t mean it is ok to stink!
  • Laundry- If adolescents can work smartphones, laptops and tablets how can they not work the washing machine? Simple it was always done for them so do your kid a favour and teach him/her the fundamentals of washing clothes and how to dry them out like a pro.
  • Cooking for themselves- Cooking a healthy meal is vital for when someone is living away from home and possibly alone, as who likes to live off pot noodle? Let your teenager cook regularly at home and allow them to make mistakes and learn from them, we all have to start somewhere.
  • How to grocery shop and budget- For most young people they get their wages throw a few quid at their parents for rent or food and the rest is theirs to spend. However once living alone without the cushioning of Mam and Dad this system won’t work so get ahead and ensure your child always saves and can budget their finances. They will thank you for it.
  • To respect others and be kind- When you are in the big bad world on your own no one is there to protect your child if they do wrong or treat others badly. Avoid this by being a good role model and teaching them kindness and empathy from a young age which will enable them to make friends and keep them.
  • Say “No” if they don’t feel comfortable- Never ever let your child think it is ok to do something because they were pressured or because someone said it was a good idea. Show them to be independent and to avoid being led on which could cause them to be dragged into something they didn’t want to be a part of.
  • Treat the opposite sex well- No one likes a person who mistreats women or men and can get a name for themselves by being an idiot when it comes to the fairer sex. Show your teen how to respect women or men and how you shouldn’t hurt anyone intentionally or maliciously.
  • Keep learning and never think that you know it all- Tell your young adults how you should always read and learn something new each day as we will never know it all. Life is for living and knowledge is the key to your youngster’s future.
Best of luck on the big move x
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