Lazy kids? Here's how to change that!

No parent should have to do all the chores in the house themselves!

If you are a parent who constantly feels under pressure to do everything yet your children laze around doing nothing it may be that you are doing everything for them so they won’t bother to help you. While you may want to help your children, and do things for them to save them the trouble it doesn’t mean you should be Cinderella while your nippers live a life of luxury. It also isn’t good for children to be unable to problem solve or do things for themselves and you should teach your kids to be somewhat self-sufficient. Here are a few tips on changing things to ensure your kiddies aren’t lazy as they grow up!
  • Have family rules and guidelines- Every family should have a few rules and guidelines as it helps families to deal with problems if they arise and your children are aware of what is expected of them. There should be a few rules and set punishments if people don’t abide by them or don’t do their own jobs/tasks.
  • Have a list of chores for everyone and a timetable- It is very easy for you to come up with a little timetable of chores to be completed by your children daily or weekly. You can alternate some jobs like feeding the pets or bringing out the bins between the kids and get everyone involved in helping. It should be fair too, to avoid anyone getting lumbered with the same tedious jobs regularly and it must be upheld on a continuous basis to increase productivity so to speak!
  • Encourage your children- Your child may be happy to help but unable to turn on the washing machine or sort laundry properly but be encouraging rather than nagging them to get it right. Kids must get used to their new chores and tasks so you should give them time to adjust and allow them space to do them alone. If they need help let your children know you are there but don’t do it for them, show them and leave them to it!
  • Let them make mistakes- It is better if you don’t stand over your child and allow them to make mistakes at least if it doesn’t ruin your white wash! In all seriousness kids, will learn from making mistakes and hopefully it will enable them to do a better job the next time.
  • Help them if needed- Some chores your child will need to do will need a little help and that is perfectly fine. Some chores will need two people like stripping beds and folding large sheets.
  • Keep it up- Keeping it up is vital for you all to build harmony within the family and ensure that everyone is doing their bit. No one should be allowed to get away with chores and each child no matter how young they may be can do something to help the family.
No parent should have to do all the chores in the house themselves and children do need to be involved so let them!

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