How to keep your teenager busy this summer.

Summer holidays have well kicked in and any parent of a teenager will know that filling the time is incredibly hard. 

Summer holidays have well kicked in and any parent of a teenager will know that filling the time is incredibly hard. Teenagers get a whole three months off and this time (if left empty) can mean your teen will get up to no good or be totally unproductive. Making the most of the time your teen has is vital and here are some things you can get your teenager to do to keep them busy this summer.
  • Gardening- Everyone needs a bit of gardening done and even if it is just for your own garden or that of families it will give your teen something to do for a few days. Of course, it will be better if they enjoy gardening and no one is suggesting you should force your teen to do anything they hate as they will rebel!
  • Summer job- If your teenager is 16 years old they can get themselves a little job in a café or in a shop. Your teen will enjoy earning their own money and it will give them a big sense of responsibility too!
  • Volunteering- If your teen is too young for a job doing some volunteering is worthwhile and if your teen enjoys it even better! Your teen can volunteer at an old folk’s home or at the local shelter. Not only does it teach them empathy it can also build their confidence.
  • Babysitting- All teenagers can babysit if they are naturally good with kids and they are minding children old enough to manage easily. Many people need help with their kids during the summer months due to work commitments so this is one your teen should find easily with a little planning.
  • Dog sitting- It is holiday season and again lots of people will be heading away meaning your kid can mind their pets, walk them, feed them and take care of them in their owner’s absence. They can earn a few bucks too!
  • Odd jobs around the house- If you are busy working you can ask your kid to do a few jobs around the house, is there a room that needs painting? Or some cleaning out of under the stairs etc.
  • Visit family- It is the summer and you should encourage your child to visit their family while they have the time to do so. Send them off to their grandparents or aunties/uncles for a few days to let them enjoy the quality time that they may not get throughout the year with them.
  • Cook dinners/learn how to bake- If you are working you should tell your kid to help prepare dinners and consider learning to bake. Help them but let them learn too, cooking is a great skill to have in later years.
  • Upskill and do a mini course- There are many courses your teen can do first aid, lifesaving or creative writing while they have the time to learn without the interference of school. They may enjoy it immensely and it may help for their future career decisions.


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