5 things most teenagers won't tell their parents

It may because they are embarrased or don't know what your reaction will be

Having a teenager can be tough on parents as they struggle with a balance to give them freedom but also hold them close where they are safe. Teenagers (and we were one of them once) can also be moody, ungrateful and argumentative and it can make for a very unhappy parent teenager relationship. There are things teens would love to tell their parents but won’t ,as they  may feel parents won’t understand, and here are a few things they are less likely to open to you but starting the right type of conversation might just encourage them to open up.
  • That they want some privacy and need space to chill out in their room for a while- While you berate them for hanging around in their room and accuse them of being lazy they were actually just lying on the bed relaxing for a few minutes. You often wonder what they are doing in their bedroom and think they are just trying to avoid being asked to help with the housework but really they just need some quiet time and tranquillity like we all need sometimes. 
  • They really want you to just listen at times and not interrupt- Teenagers want to tell you what is going on in their lives but may be worried about your reactions. Other times they just want to unload a problem but not expect you to solve it but rather just share it so they aren’t alone, sometimes us parents just should zip their mouths and open their ears!
  • They wish you would trust them more and give them a little freedom- Teenagers think that they deserve a little freedom and should be allowed go to the cinema, pool or shops without an adult present. They can show you they are worthy of your trust and if they let you down by all means ground them and confine them to a life of solitude, but till they get the chance to be a little independent they can’t prove they are responsible to you or anyone.
  • They would rather not talk about sex, boyfriends or girlfriends but know that they have to! - Teens don’t necessarily want to have the birds and the bees chat as it is hugely embarrassing but they realise they have to. 
  • They hate to disappoint you and worry about their results in exams - Young people are under a huge amount of pressure now a days with the race to get the highest points in their exams and the massive standard that is set to get into college. 
Best of luck with the teenager years X 


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