18 Signs Your Child Is Turning Into A Teenager

These days kids are turning into teenagers a lot earlier than we'd like.

We all know that the teenage years won't exactly be pleasant. There will be slammed doors, shouting, and lots of awkwardness, and it can be incredibly tough for all involved, particularly the parents.
However, these days kids are turning into teenagers a lot earlier than we'd like. Like a lot younger.
Eight-, nine-, 10-year-olds are displaying typical teenage behaviour – blatantly ignoring your requests, not listening to you, telling you that you’re annoying etc., etc. – and that’s before the real hormones hit.
But these aren't the only signs your little one is turning into a teen way before their time, how many of the following 17 signs do you recognise in your child?
  • The door frame already has a few cracks in it from being slammed
  • You feel like you are talking to the wall more times that you’d like to think about
  • You hear yourself telling them that they are turning into a teenager
  • You are worried about how much worse things can get
  • They are already working on their mini floor-drobe
  • They constantly tell you that they like their messy room so they won't have to clean it
  • They have the eye roll down to absolute perfection
  • They don’t play with their friends, they ‘hang out’
  • You’re constantly telling them to put their hood down when they're indoors
  • They’re starting to respond to your questions with grunts
  • They’ve suddenly found a love of loud music
  • And they think your choice in music is embarrassing
  • Actually, they just think you’re embarrassing in general
  • They get serious FOMO when you tell them you’re going out
  • And they actually know what FOMO means
  • They talk about music bands that you have never even heard of before
  • They don’t say goodnight anymore
  • They’re always grumpy
How many do you recognise in your kids...? 

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