11 Reasons Not To Put A TV In Your Child's Bedroom

A child having a TV in their bedroom is a pretty normal thing these days.

A child having a TV in their bedroom is a pretty normal thing these days. It’s a good way to give yourself, a busy parent, some alone time, there are also fewer fights over who is watching what and it means your little one can play on their games while you watch your own shows downstairs.  

It’s also easier to agree to them having one than it is to not.  

However, there are so many more reasons to NOT allow it, no matter how hard it might be to say no.

  • You have less control over what they are watching.
  • It disrupts family time as everyone consumes TV in different rooms.
  • You can’t be sure if they are watching age-appropriate content or not.
  • It can impact on your child’s sleep as many will stay up late watching their shows.
Little girl watching tablet.
You can’t be sure if they are watching age-appropriate content or not.
  • You will never see them – as they will always prefer to stay in the comfort of their own bedroom than sit downstairs with the rest of the family.
  • They’re expensive to own – you might need to pay for another digital box depending on what package you already have now.
  • They will end up watching a lot more TV than you might realise.
  • Once it is in the room, it will a lot harder to get it back out again.
  • It’s too much of a temptation if they have to do their homework in the same room as the TV.
  • They are less likely to pick up a book and read if they have a TV in front of them.
  • Watching TV at night can impact on their sleep.


Mary Byrne

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