Your child's communion day doesn't have to cost the Earth

Want the perfect day for your child without breaking your wallet? No problem, we've got it covered.

When it comes to your child’s communion day, you want it to be so special for them. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to get a top up on your mortgage to pay for the privilege. Gone are the Celtic tiger days, where some communions were reportedly costing in excess of 3,000 euro and everyone in the family was sporting designer clothing from head to toe. If money is a little tight in your house or if you just don’t feel the need to spend a small fortune for one day, read our great tips on how you, and more importantly, your child, can still have a great day on a budget.
  • Decide how much you can afford. Write out a list of what you need for the day including outfits, shoes, cake and entertainment and agree what you are going to spend on each. Then stick to that. 
  • Borrow or buy second hand. Realistically, dresses are only worn for one, maybe two days so unless you plan to use them for a couple of children consider other options like second hand shops, Done Deal, TK Maxx or Dunnes stores are also doing fabulous dresses at more reasonable prices. For boys, the trend of smart casual is in which means that there is a much broader range of shops that will cater for your son’s outfit at a reasonable price.
  • Spread the cost of bouncy castle’s or entertainersby sharing the day with a friend or family member who is celebrating their day also. 
  • Consider organising a game of football or a treasure hunt with other kids in the class, for an hour in the afternoon in their local GAA club or community hall. 
  • If you are celebrating at home. Watch out for deals on non-perishable items in your supermarkets in advance. 
  • Make your own cake or ask a friend. It can also double as dessert! Even if you are going to a restaurant, or hotel check if you can do this. 
  • Agree with other parents in the class not to exchange money at the church. This also means that no child is left out and can take considerable pressure off the expense of the day.
  • Limit alcohol at your event, while it is nice to have a drink with your friends at the day, it is still a child’s communion party so it is not expected to be a late night party. Consider offering everyone a glass of wine with your meal and sticking to non-alcoholic beverages after that.
  • Invites: Ask your child who they would like at their event and stick to that. There is no expectation to invite all your extended family and neighbours. 

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