Why you should be grateful to your child’s teacher.

And it's only the start of the school year!

If I am being honest, while it was an amazing summer, the last few weeks were tough with the kids off school. I found it hard to entertain them and the horrid 'bored' word reared it's head on more than one occasion!
Now that the kids are well settled back into school, I've come to the conclusion that my kid's teachers do a magnificent job of looking after them! I'm so grateful for the work that they'll do throughout the year. Here are some of the reasons why I'm grateful to my kid’s teachers.
  • Freedom- School is a few hours each day and this time is golden to a parent, as you don’t have to worry or fret about your child. You don’t have to question what they are doing or if they are ok as you know once they are at school they are well cared for. This means parents can use the time to work, socialise or catch up on odd jobs around the house. No one else give parents the freedom that teachers give!
  • The power of learning- If it wasn’t for teachers our kids wouldn’t be able to add, spell or read. Maybe we could teach them but would we do as good a job as teachers? The kids learn a lot from school, they start unable to write the alphabet and fast forward two or three years and they are able to read stories themselves, it is truly amazing.
  • Kindness- It takes a special type of person to be continuously kind to all the youngsters in a class yet most teachers do this it with ease. Your child also learns kindness from watching their teacher with their classmates and it shows them how to respect others.
  • Patience- A teacher shows great patience when they have to handle a class of kids that are hyper or unwilling to sit still and learn. If it was parents at home, we would be shouting and roaring but I think  today's teachers remain calm and guide their students back to an even keel within a few minutes. Teachers don’t complain when they have to repeat themselves over and over again (like we do) if no student is grasping the multiplying!
  • Tenacity- Teachers have incredible tenacity and will try, try and try again if at first they don’t succeed. It may take a few hours but teachers will get there and finally their students will be able to remember all the Irish verbs. Admirably teachers will probably be nearly pulling their hair out by the time the school day ends but it won’t stop them in their crusade to teach those kiddios each day!
  • A home from home- As a shared caregiver to you, your child will probably spend just as much time with a teacher as with you during the week and this means you rely on your kid’s teacher to mind your nipper as you would. Teachers will pop a plaster on your kiddie’s knee when they hurt themselves, they will encourage your kid when they are feeling down and will be there in every way possible just like you are. 
There are so many amazing teachers out there that are simply awesome, so thank you to these brilliant teachers!
Why not share this with any teacher friends or relatives you know and brighten up their day?

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