Stranger Danger

Do you have a plan for your children to deal with strangers?

During our childhood, many of us were told, when it comes to strangers, the rule was fairly straight forward. Don’t talk to strangers. However we have learned that this ‘stranger danger’ rule was a bit too simplistic. Children see strangers every day, in the shops, on the streets etc. Most strangers are nice people and parents can help their children from those strangers that are not so nice, by teaching them about suspicious behaviour and by taking some precautions. Here is one such precaution you can use with your children:
‘A stranger approached an 8 year old girl and asked her to come with him. He told her that something had happened and her mum had sent him to pick her up.
The girl asked the stranger for the password. The man got confused and the girl ran away. She and her mum had agreed on a password in case she ever had to send someone to pick her up.’
Do you have any tips that you use with your children?

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