Simple to create: An after school routine that kids can follow with this simple hack!

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Create structure in the chaos of back-to-school with this easy after school routine clock that the kids can easily understand.
The clock is brightly colour-coded so that kids can easily follow along and know what task they should be working on.
Having structure in the evenings helps develop an easier bedtime routine, which is essential for kids (and parents!)
Kids brains are working overtime, so make things as easy as possible for them!
According to here’s all you need to make this after school routine clock:
  • Wall Clock
  • Permanent markers (5 colors)
  • Printed list of activities
Use the markers to color sections of time for the different activities that apply to your family.
Then print off your list of activities and color around each section to correspond with the coloured section on the clock and hang your list of activities below the clock for easy access.
This video explains it all.


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