How To Look After Your Child's Long Hair

If you are the parent of a daughter or a son with long hair you will know how fast their hair grows.

Some little ones love washing it, some not so much and then it's the same thing all over again when it comes to brushing. For parents, it can be a struggle, to say the least, to look after your child’s long hair.

But how can we effectively and more importantly efficiently look after our child’s long hair?

How to look after your child's long hair.

  1. Do not wash every day.

    Just like us, the oils in your child’s hair are important. They give nourishment to the hair. Shampooing the hair every day will strip it of those much-needed nutrients and cause the hair to become dry and damaged.

  2. Condition once a week.

    It is a great idea to deep condition the hair once a week. Even children’s hair needs a hydration top up every once in a while.

  3. Trim regularly.

    Trim your little one’s hair about ½ an inch a month. This will prevent split ends from brushing and styling.

  4. Don’t use warm water.

    After shampooing, rinse your child’s hair in lukewarm water, not hot. Using hot water can cause damage to the cuticles.

  5. Don’t rub with a towel.

    Again, rubbing the hair with a towel can cause damage to the hair. Try letting the hair dry in a turban or squeezing the moisture from the hair before drying.

  6. Detangler.

    Long hair can often get tangled and when it does, it really does! Combing through tangled wet hair can be painful for you and damaging for your little one’s hair. Using a detangler can make the process much easier and less painful for both of you!

  7. Wash it all out.

    Make sure to rinse all of the shampoo out after washing. If your child has been swimming, it is important to wash the chlorine out after.


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