How To Choose The Perfect Communion Dress For Your Child

Before you go shopping for your little princess's communion dress, read our helpful guide on getting it right.

Your little girl's communion day is so special and you just want everything to be perfect for her. There is a lot of preparation that goes into the day and one of the things that girls look forward to is getting their communion dress. We have put together a few tips together for a successful purchase:

How to choose the perfect Communion dress for your child:

  1. Consider your budget.

    There are so many different options for communion dresses today. Along with many boutiques, a lot of department stores now stock beautiful dresses. Like wedding dresses, the communion dress second-hand market is in full flourish. Consider shopping for a pre-loved dress in many of the shops around the country like Preloved bridal and communion wear.

  2. Start your shopping early.

    Communion dress shopping usually starts in January and finishes around April. So make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to choose the right dress for your daughter.

  3. Check with your church.

    Check if your church has any specific requirements for dresses and ensure that you keep in line with these. You don’t want your daughter to feel out of place on the day. 
    How To Choose The Perfect Communion Dress For Your Child

  4. Keep colour and length in mind.

    Always, always buy white when shopping for a Communion dress. This is not the day to try to stand out! Also, ensure that the dress is either at the knee or below.

  5. Consider if it will be worn by other siblings.

    If you are buying a dress that will be used by other siblings, consider buying a plainer dress that will suit all shapes and sizes and won’t date.

  6. Make sure your daughter is comfortable in the dress.

    To ensure that her dress still fits her by the big day (if you are purchasing early) increase all measurements, length, bust and waist by ½ inch. 

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