Teaching Your Tween To Care For Their Skin

A tween is a kid who is just shy of their teenage years, sometimes known as a preteen, and they are usually around nine or ten to twelve-years-old. It's those challenging, quick approaching puberty years where your little baby all of a sudden becomes a big kid. During these years, significant changes usually start to happen, or in some cases, may have already begun.

During the preteen years, hormones will change almost every aspect of their life from how they act, sleep, eat and even how they look. Their body will grow faster, usually becoming curvier. Breasts will develop, they might get their first menstrual period, and dreaded acne or pimples might develop. These few years are vital for teaching children the importance of looking after their skin, and as they become more self-conscious. Taking care of your skin isn't very hard, and here we have a simple skincare routine for tweens with lots of tips that are perfect for them:

Wash your face every night

It doesn't matter if they wear makeup or not, heading to bed with a dirty face is a recipe for disaster. Wash away all the impurities the face encounters on a typical day with a mild, unperfumed cleanser. If not, the dirt, bacteria and excess oils will lead to breakouts.


Avoid using face scrubs and exfoliants or rough cloth on premature skin; children around this age don't wear much makeup if any at all, so there's no need really. There are, however, some gentle sonic cleansing brushes that can be used with mild soaps that might be a novelty and will help keep their pores clear. 

Moisturiser is a MUST

Even if they have oily or acne-prone skin (although never put a heavy cream on skin prone to breakouts), their skin needs moisture to hydrate and SPF to protect from UV rays. By using a gentle moisturizer, you can reduce skin problems, camouflage blemishes, reduce the chance of developing dry patches, and common skin conditions like acne. 

Buy this, buy that

There are so many different brands on the market, and if you're anything like me, it can be very overwhelming choosing skincare. When it comes to looking for skincare products, always turn to an expert for advice such as a skincare specialist, a dermatologist, a pharmacist or your family doctor. 

Stop squeezing

Easier said than done, I'm in my thirties and still struggle in this area. Advise your tween to avoid squeezing anything red or angry. If they must, tell them to wash their hands before and after. And if they pop spots, they must dab it with an antiseptic afterwards to avoid infection which is more common than we like to think. 

Practice what you preach

Everyone wants beautiful skin, and a skincare routine for tweens can be tough, but with the right guidance, products, and a good healthy nutritional diet, it can be possible. But, teaching kids good skincare habits starts with you and will benefit them long after the lessons have finished. If your child sees you looking after your skin, there is a higher chance of them following in your footsteps. 

Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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