Reasons why my kids should play outside.

Here are some valid reasons why kids need to play outside more than ever before.

We all know too well how technology has crept in and taken over much of lives, both children and adults alike
What I needed to realise is a lot of the behaviour my kiddie’s exhibited was mirrored from my own, so I needed to get out more and turn off the Wi-Fi at home.
In Ireland we aren’t blessed with the weather each day but it doesn’t mean we can’t get out there, just wrap up warm and remember a little rain never hurt anybody.
Here are some valid reasons why kids need to play outside more than ever before.
  • Fresh air is good for them. it really is! Air inside the home is usually recycled air with dust and contaminants in it. Outside air is healthier. Hours spent outside can help your nippers sleep better at night and it tires them out, so when it is bedtime, your youngsters are worn out and are out like a light! Score!
  • Exercise. If your kid is running around and playing games outside they’re keeping themselves healthy without even realising it. We all know the benefits of exercise for kids at a time when statistics say one in five children are overweight and sitting around will not help this figure. Being outside encourages kids to get up and cycle a bike or use a scooter and the more they do it - the better they will feel.  
  • Socialisation. When your youngsters are out playing with their neighbours/ buddies they are building up friendships. Kids that are shy can be taken out of there shell by a simple game of football.
  • Unplugs them from technology. Tablets, T.V and games consoles are all loved by young people but too much use can't be good for them. Everything in moderation as they say, but you will feel better seeing your child outside running around for hours and then playing a tablet for an hour as they would have being active already. 
  • Imagination and role play. They can be anything they want and pretend to be someone in a game. They can use their little imaginations and enter imaginary worlds, and all their pals can join in. For hours they can all live in an alternate universe and be creative. Boy or girl every nipper loves the make believe.
  • Helps with their independence. It shows you trust them to play outside (under your watchful eye!) It teaches them to be responsible to play in the garden and not to wander off or go near the road. At the start this can be worrying as a parent but as long as you are near-by and supervising them you will feel better. I suppose we can’t wrap them up in cotton wool all the time.
  • They see the beautiful world around them. If your youngsters are indoors how can they see a rainbow or learn to fly a kite? What if they miss sunsets, sunrises and birds singing? How sad would it be if they never got to hold a ladybird or catch a butterfly? Mountains are there to climb and beaches are there to swim in and to collect shells and throw pebbles. Never underestimate the magnificence of our natural world as a whole and remember the most stunning things to view are free and natural.
The fine weather is here, so let's get them outside to enjoy it!


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