How To Help Your Child Sleep When They're Feeling Sick

It can be distressing as a parent watching your child feeling upset throughout the night because they can't get any sleep due to their illness. 

It is not easy when your little ones are sick. You look after them all day and try to keep them comfortable. By night you both just want one thing - sleep!
It can be distressing as a parent watching your child feeling upset throughout the night because they can't get any sleep due to their illness.
And while you can't magically make them feel better, you can try a few small things to help you all get some rest at night. 
If your little ones have any aches or pains it is most important to make sure they get some pain relief right before bed. It will definitely contribute to a solid few hours when they first go down. The last thing they (or you) need is to wake up shortly after dozing off with pain.
ALWAYS check the dosage amounts correctly and check with your pharmacist which pain relief your little one can take depending on age and weight.

Eucalyptus oil
Some eucalyptus oil dropped into the bottom of your shower and leaving it to run works wonders for loosening a cough. Sitting in the bathroom while the steam fills the room is amazing for loosening up tight and tickly coughs. If you have a dehumidifier you could also add some to it and leave it in your little one's room overnight.

Menthol rub on feet
Menthol rub is great on the chest and back of your little one especially when they have a cough or a runny nose. But, have you ever used it on their feet? Pop a small amount onto the soles of their feet and pop their socks back on to keep it in place.
Although there is no science to back this theory up, mums far and wide claim it a lifesaver!
Two pillows
Along with vapour rub on their feet, another great way to help with their cough is to pop them on two pillows. Great for coughs but also for earaches or sinus pain, an elevated head will help with any pressure discomfort. Coughing with a runny nose could be caused by nasal dripping down the back of the throat so pop an extra pillow under their pillow to help prop them up.

This is for children over 12 months old. Make a warm drink of some warm water, honey and a dash of lemon. For tickly coughs, this coats the throat in soothing honey before bedtime, this keeps the throat nice and most and stops the dry cough from starting. Once they start, the throat gets dryer with each cough and the vicious circle begins.

Laura Doyle, mum of 4. Kyle 9, Noa Belle 4, Briar 2 and Milla 12 months. Breastfeeder, co-sleeper, coffee drinker. Staying positive and inspired by the chaos of it all. Follow her on Instagram


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