The Best Hairstyles To Prevent Head Lice

With the school year fast approaching, the threat of head lice is growing ever more imminent. However, prevention is key!

It sends shivers down our spines and even the words “head lice” have us itching,  but it is a lot more common than we realize. In fact, it affects every family at least once in their school-going years.  

Head lice are nothing to be embarrassed about, it is like worms - just one of those things. With head lice, prevention is key as it can be difficult to get rid of them once they set up home. 

Despite what you might have heard, head lice cannot fly or jump. The crawl from head to head, for this reason, one of the best ways to avoid headlice is to keep your little one’s hair as close to their head as possible.

Girl with pink plaited hair.
With the school holidays soon coming to end it means one thing is imminent - the headlice letters in the school bags.

Here are some preventative hairstyles for your little ones: 

French braids

French braids are a great way to keep your child’s hair close to the scalp and not as easily accessible to head lice. They take a little extra time in the mornings and can be a little challenging to learn but there is a plethora of videos to learn from. Once you have mastered it, it’s incredibly easy and effective at keeping the crawlies away! 

A ballet bun

A bun is a sure way to stop head lice. Start with a simple ponytail. Then proceed to wrap the hair around the hair tie until it is all wrapped up, secure with a clip or another hair tie. Simple yet effective. 

A simple ponytail

With three daughters I know just how picky girls can be. If you find yourself battling with your little one to get their hair done, a simple ponytail is also a good alternative. It will keep the hair off their faces and hopefully away from other hair where head lice could crawl over. Try to secure any flyaways with a clip and you are sorted!

Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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