Childhood Obesity: Portion Control For Our Kids

Here’s how much you should be feeding your kids… 

How much should we be feeding our kids?
Nowadays bagels can be as big as swimming rings and servings of bowls of pasta seem so deep, our forks can barely find the bottom. It's not surprising that waistlines of kids have been expanding over the last few decades because children's portion sizes have gotten bigger over the last 20-30 years. Did you know for example, that according to Safefood, a 5 year old needs about half the amount an adult does? 
Do you think that large portion sizes might be an issue in your house?  If so, here are some expert tips from Safefoodas to how to get back in control.
Tips for portion control for our kids
  • Give them smaller portions of food on their plates to start with, and if they want more food, then give it to them.
  • If they say they're hungry, offer them something nutritious like fruit and vegetables (for example, an apple or handful of grapes).
  • Avoid having fatty and sugary snack foods freely available between and after meals.
  • Don’t pressure them to eat all the food on their plate, allow them to stop when they say ‘I’ve had enough’.
  • Use plates and cutlery that match their size.
  • Look at the proportions of food you offer during the day, they should be roughly: 1/3 fruit and veg, 1/3 starchy foods like bread and potatoes, 1/3 dairy (milk, cheese and yogurt) and protein (meat and fish).
Consider a reward chart
Young children love nothing more than praise (and rewards!) so a reward chart can be a great way to encourage them to try new healthy foods and keep active. It gives your child visual proof that you’re pleased with them and an incentive to work towards - and can also reassure you that they are making progress. Agree goals with all the family and decide a suitable weekly reward if they and you achieve the goals. Remember teamwork is best and a lot more fun!
Portion size guidelines
The article is brought to you with thanks to safefood

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