A buddy bench will help children to make friends

We just love this idea. It should be in every school

Rachel Stewart, mom to son Owen saw a bench in her son’s school yard and asked what it was. She was so impressed with his answer that she has gone ahead and tried to fundraise to get a bench into every school in New York . Since setting up a facebook page ‘buddy bench’ Rachel has received thousands of comments from all over the world in response to the fantastic idea of a buddy bench. See her original post below. 
Wow! Why isnt there one of these in every school?!
Walking thru my sons school yard... I noticed a bench on the pavement with bright paint around it.
I asked my son "is that the only place to sit around here lol"
And he said "no, that's the buddy bench! When someone feels lonely or they have nobody to play with, they sit there and people ask them to play"
Wow. Amazing.
I then told him how awesome that was and asked if he has ever used it?
He said "yeah, when I was new I sat there and someone came to me and asked me to play. I felt happy. And now when I see kids on it, I ask them to play with me... We all do".
What a fabulous idea for a school yard.
Wondering if this is something in every school yard?
If not, I want to fundraise to get a "buddy" bench for every school in Ontario. I will make it my mission!

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