An hour in the diary of a school going mum

I'm exhausted writing this, never mind living it!

An hour in the diary of a school going mum
I'm an organized person, I really am, but mornings are a whirlwind in our house. Regardless of how hard I prepare, we are always running around like headless chickens as we head out to school!
Here’s how this morning went. Please tell me this sounds familiar?
  • Gently woke my children
  • Switched to shouting after 5 minutes of coaxing
  • Forced them into the shower
  • Forced them out of the shower
  • Attempted to brush tangled hair
  • Switched to tying it as couldn’t face the argument
  • Handled a major emergency (which was Maaaaaaam we’re out of Cheerio’s!!)
  • Discovered it was PE day and had to go fishing for the school tracksuit in the dirty laundry basket
  • Yelled some more- this time for them to brush their teeth
  • Made lunches while listing to all the things they didn’t want to eat
  • While putting lunch in the bag, discovered a note hidden from the school advising that money is due in today- it was stuffed in a pocket of the school bag.
  • Rushed more as I had no cash and had to get to the ATM
  • Pulled on a cap to hide under as I’d no time for make up on and my hair was all over the place
  • As I’m walking out the door I discovered that one of the kids has shoes on that didn’t match
  • Found a matching pair of shoes
  • Bundled everyone into the car
  • Raced to the ATM – and it was raining, so there was extra traffic on the road
  • ATM is out of cash, so I hoped and prayed that I’d meet a mum I knew to borrow the tenner that was due in today
  • Parked after circling 3 times and then power walked to the line to beat the morning bell
  • I did meet a mum, but the said mum, looked great – make up on, hair brushed and was cool calm and collected- but she had a tenner so I forgave her for making me feel like a slob (like it was really he fault!)
  • As I waved my darlings goodbye, I walked back to the car. Phew! I then discovered a trail of toilet paper stuck to my shoes… Nice! I’d say I was the talk of the yard
  • Resigned myself to the fact that once the morning starts to go wrong, it generally ends up that way! COFFEE!!!!

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