10 things children really want their parents to do.

Maybe we can learn something from our children about parenting!

Do you ever imagine what it is like to be a child? 
You know the feeling when your little one tugs at your trousers, and grins up at you “I’m here, can you play with me”? While we as parents are cleaning, making dinner, fixing things and rushing around, from a child’s perspective all of these things are not very important.
I asked my children what I could do differently and what was really important to them, of course there were some ridiculous answers! They are kids after all but some were helpful and maybe I can learn something from my children about parenting!
1. “I would like you to read me a bedtime story every night and snuggle up with me before I go to sleep”
Admittedly I don’t read to my children every night, as after a long day at work there just isn’t time each day. I always give them kisses good night though and tuck them in, but my eldest would love a story every night and for me to wait for him to fall asleep! If I got into the bed, I'd probably be asleep before them, but I can spare the 10 minutes a night for quick fable!
2. “I’d like you to play more games”
They just want you to give them undivided attention while playing a board game or a card game. However one of my kids added to this that they wanted me to play dolls and teddy bear picnics, with REAL food!
3. “I want to go out with you alone and no one else”
Some kids crave individual time with and time away from their siblings! I suppose we put such a prominence on “family time” together we forget that maybe they want one on one when they don’t have to interrupt each other to have their say!
4. “Can we eat together more often”?
On the weekends we always eat together as a family but during the week it can be a little more haphazard ! My kids thought  it would be nicer to eat meals like a family! So next week we are going to eat breakfast together every morning.
5. “Let me play outside
My children hate that in the winter they tend to be indoors more, and want to go out and see their pals! It is so cold though and raining, but I suppose an hour or so outside can’t do any harm when they are wrapped up.
6. “Leave messages in my lunch box like my friends get”
I never knew this but my daughter says the kids in her class get heart shaped sandwiches with little notes in them from their parents. She says it helps the kids not feel so sad being away from their Mammy and Daddy! So next week it’s all about beautifully shaped sandwiches and love notes!
7. “Stop kissing Daddy so much, it is disgusting”
I thought showing love around each other was nice but -oh no- my children find it repulsive! However I can kiss and cuddle them as much as I want as they are “only small” but Daddy is “big”!
8. “Put away your phone/laptop”
Admittedly it is always on and like a lot of people I check it a lot for social news. My children made a point though when that they said they are not allowed use too much technology I should follow suit! That’s told me!
9. “Let me eat more sweets
This will never happen. After a long conversation about the health benefits of nutritious food, I still have got nowhere. “I don’t care if baby spinach makes me grow Mam, I like ice cream better”. I will have to keep working on this!
10. “Tell my teacher we don’t need homework as we do enough work in school”
My children think it is an absolute disgrace that after a long day in school, that they have to do more work once home. It's tough for them to understand why, but I keep telling them that practice makes perfect!
So I dare you- go and ask your children and see what they would say.
While I don’t agree with all their ideas, they made some great points and I enjoyed talking about it and getting their feedback! It certainly raised a few laughs here at home!


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