When your child doesn’t want a sibling.

Here are a few tips so you can help your child adjust to the idea of having a sibling when they don’t want one at all.

After you had your first child you were overcome with love and devotion but now that your kiddie is older and more independent you have decided to add to your family yet your youngster hasn’t taken the news well and seems to be hurt by the idea of a sibling. There is help at hand as most young kids go through some sort of denial when they are told their mammy is having a baby. It is hard for a tot to understand the impact it will have on them and they may not really believe it is happening at all! Here are a few tips so you can help your child adjust to the idea of having a sibling when they don’t want one at all.
Pick your time- Telling your child that you are expecting another baby should be done at a time when you are both relaxed and when you have time to answer questions or not as it may go either way! Consider telling your child when you are further along as 7/8 months to a youngster is an awful long amount of time and you should wait at least until you have had the first baby scan and check-up.
Think about the sex of your unborn child- Some say that finding out the sex of your unborn baby helps your child bond with him/her and allows them time to adjust. Others dismiss this and believe the surprise will be better for your child but it is up to you what way you play this out and do what you think is best.
Don’t over talk the issue- You are pregnant but your toddler couldn’t really care less now or at least until he meets his sibling and you shouldn’t over talk about it or your child may feel side-lined. Discuss it when your child wants to and take guidance from them, they still might dismiss the thoughts of been a big brother but in time this will change.
Make time for your kid- Spend time with your kiddie regularly to build your bond even more and consider taking some time off for your child pre-baby and not just for maternity leave if you can. Some kiddies can get the idea that mammy took time off for the new baby but never for them which isn’t true but kids are a little silly like that.
Ask family to help- When your baby does arrive ask family to help mind your new-born so you can still mammy your kiddie and give him some one on one attention. Ask family or friends to make a fuss of your older child rather than your new baby and avoid standing in the street letting people coo over your baby with your youngster looking on. Your child is small and it can be scary watching people stand over them looking at the baby and ignoring them without realising.
Find a hobby together and do it religiously- Pre-baby find something you both love to do each week or fortnight and do it without fail to keep your interest growing. At least if you are busy with the new baby and a little distracted your child will know this is something special between you and him.
Remember your child may not want a sibling now but that will change and it must change. Just give it time X 

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