The 6 Annoying People Types You'll Encounter When Pregnant

We all know them (even if some of them are good intentioned!)

The 6 Annoying People Types You'll Encounter When Pregnant
For most of us who are or have been pregnant it's the one big time in our lives when we feel a little like a V VIP.  Strangers smile and nod at us and want to hold the door open for us. We can cut the queue to the bathroom if there is one and people are only too delighted to allow us! HOWEVER, just like a lot of celebs and VIP’s we have to put up with our fair share of difficulties sometimes in the form of people (even if some of them are good intentioned!)
The Loose Lipper:
A Loose Lipper prides herself on having She-Ra like abilities to determine when someone in her vicinity is pregnant. And, she likes to show off this special talent any chance she has. If you're early on in your pregnancy and want to keep it on the low down, do not go out to meet the Loose Lipper! If you don’t have a glass of wine or avoid the prawns or even yawn, The Loose Lipper is going to demand to know if you're pregnant. And she's not going to do it quietly either.
The Celebrity Who’s Baby is Due on Your Due Date: 
You're never going to really meet this person, but they're still terribly annoying when you come into contact with them in the form of website or magazines. She's the movie star, rock star or supermodel who shares your due date. And because, as a culture, we now obsess as these tiny pregnant celebrities, you are going to see this famous person the whole entire time you're pregnant. Then - as a Brucey bonus – you’ll see them two weeks post birth lounging on a yacht in the South of France in a white bikini!
The Anything Go-er: 
The "Anything Go-ers" want you to chill, relax, go with it! No need to worry about booze, pasteurisation, or fags when you're pregnant. "Why aren't you drinking? You can have glass of vino! I drank beer when I was pregnant and my Molly’s just fine! And my mom smoked two packets a day during her entire pregnancy and look at me!” I suppose the other side of the coin is those friends who have memorised every pregnancy book on the market! Don't plan to order a cup of coffee and a tuna sandwich around them unless you feel like getting lectured about caffeine and Mercury.
The Belly Toucher:You’re nodding right now, aren’t you? You know a Belly Toucher, don’t you? They just loves to rub a pregnant belly. Stranger? Friend? Colleague? They just can't get enough of your big tummy!
The Nosey One:
How much weight have you gained so far? What do you weigh before? Did you plan the baby? How old are you? How long have you been trying for? Are you going to have an epidural? How many times a day do you pee? Do you plan to breast or bottle-feed? Were you breast or bottle-fed? There’s lots more!

Are You're Sure You're Not Having Twins: 

And the winner is… the most annoying question I was asked…. "Are you sure those aren't twins in there?" Really?! Like we’re not self-conscious enough! A slightly different variation is questioning someone's due date. “Wow, you’re only four months pregnant!?” I found that they tended to be asked by older men who meant well but didn’t really have a clue that they are being insulting or they were trying to make a funny!  It would be great to hear a lady who’s expecting triplets respond to "Are you sure those aren't twins in there?".


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