Pregnant and have a toddler?

Advice on how to deal with that second pregnancy with a toddler in the house.

Have you got a little bean kicking inside you and a ball of energy running around your the same time? Well if you do, you have realised by now that all the advice that you get on the first pregnancy of getting lots of rest is just not practical on number two. Although you may know more about what to expect in the pregnancy you will also find that there are certain 'challenges' shall we say in trying to juggle both. Here is some practicle tips on how to manage both and enjoy your second pregnancy. 
  • It is important when pregnant to prioritise your sleep. So take advantage of your little ones naps and early bedtime. If you are finding a slump during the day, try some exercise to wake you up. A brisk walk will help you and your toddler.
  • Try to structure your toddlers day around yours. If you know when your sickness and tiredness hits (morning or afternoon) try to structure your toddlers sleep/down time around when you are feeling at your lowest.
  • Whilst you are pregnant, try to relax a little about your house. If you can afford it try to get someone to help out with the bigger chores like your showers adn floors. If not remember, every item doesn’t need to be ironed, floors don’t need to be washed or hovered as often and who is going to know if those sheets aren’t changed every week!
  • Get help. If help is offered from a family member or friend. Take it! Even if it is only an hour to mind your toddler – use the time to chill out and relax. You deserve it.
  • Plan ahead with meals. Try to plan ahead with your meals so that you don’t have to drag a toddler (kicking and screaming usually) into a car to get food. When making meals try to make a little more and freeze – that way there will always be something to hand on those particularly hard days.
  • Remember its not a crime for your toddler to look at a little TV. Spare it for times that you need to rest and sit with them. 
  • Spend time with friends who have toddlers also. This will help them to burn some energy, have fun...and give you a little rest at the same time.
Do you have any advice for pregnant Mums with toddlers?

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