Fun and creative ways to announce pregnancy.

Here are some fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy so you can remember this wonderful experience forever.

Years ago, when announcing a pregnancy, it was easy, you’d mention it to your immediate family and friends first and word would than spread. It was simple, basic and happy!  However, now a days as social media takes a hold over our lives we are now thinking up new and creative ways to announce a pregnancy. It seems everyone is doing it and perhaps, you want to be a part of it too. Here are some fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy so you can remember this wonderful experience forever.
  • Bun in the oven- Ok here it is you can simply grab a bun, whatever bun you like it can be a burger bun or a cupcake bun and put it in the oven. With the door open take a photo of the bun with the slogan “Bun in the oven” and see how many people catch on to the analogy! Not too shabby huh?!
  • Do a video- A video is a lovely way to remind yourself of the moment you tell people that you are expecting. Gather up your loved ones and sit them down for a little chat! Wait, for all the tears and you have got yourself a viral hit! If they don’t cry insist, you record it again!
  • Play scrabble- You don’t have to play scrabble, but you can use the letter tiles to place your little message across the board. It looks cool and is easy to do. Simply take a pic of it and send it to friends, family and pop it on social media.
  • Get the kids involved- If you have older kids you could consider getting them T-shirts with the words everyone needs to know “We are going to be a big sister/brother” To make it funnier get the kids to pull funny faces!
  • Pair of genes- This is simple, grab some jeans gather them into a pretty pile with an array of sizes and styles. Take a photo and post online “New pair of genes arriving in ……” It is cool and easy!
  • Use the dog- If you don’t have kids but are the owner of a loyal mutt you can use him/her as the news informant. Get your dog and large t-shirt to wear or place him in the middle of baby items and the saying “I am going to be a Nana!” with a photo of the dog from Peter Pan (she minded the kids in the movie.)
  • Create a movie poster- This is a fun one for the creative parents to be. A movie-like poster announcing your pregnancy is ideal and you can keep it for the future too. You can even get it framed too!
  • Magazine cover- This is easy to do if you are good with words and the internet is a great source of pictures and art work that can be added in. Make your own personal newspaper  or magazine cover online and have yourselves popped onto the page and a lovely piece about your sheer delight at having a baby. You can add scan photos to it and put in people’s comments too! Be sure to date it too so you can keep it for your youngster to see when he/she is older.


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