Bizarre But Really Common Pregnancy Cravings

We've compiled some of our readers' most common pregnancy cravings.

A lot of women tend to experience some kind of pregnancy cravings or aversions. There are some who notice no change in their eating habits but the majority of women will crave something particular. They may even completely go off something they would usually enjoy too.
We've compiled some of our readers' most common pregnancy cravings.
  • Tartar Sauce. One reader couldn't get enough of the stuff. It didn't matter the time of day or what it was spread on. Toast, crackers and any dinner she was handed up. She was completely addicted to it for her entire pregnancy. And guess what? She doesn't even eat fish.
  • Chalk. This one is more common than you might imagine. A lot of our readers had a constant supply of chalky mints in their handbag to keep the cravings at bay.
  • Beer. One reader was not a beer drinker at all but for her entire pregnancy she craved it every single day. She had the odd sip here or there but naturally stayed away from it whilst pregnant. As soon as the baby was born she had zero interest in it just like before.
  • Ice. Several of our readers couldn't go a couple of hours without crunching on some ice. A constant supply of glasses filled with crushed ice. A very popular craving.
  • Spicy food. The hotter the better. This may be despite the fact that the woman previously hates spicy food. There are some theories which prove that the craving is based on the fact that spicy food makes you sweat and sweating cools down the body. Pregnant women are usually extremely warm despite the weather.
  • Fruit and lots of it. Many of you will relate to this once as it is mentioned time and time again. Perhaps it is the body requiring those extra nutrients? The juicier the fruit the better. This one makes you feel very wholesome and virtuous.
  • Fizzy Drinks. This is often a popular choice for women with bad morning (or all day) sickness. The bubbles and sugar tend to settle the stomach. The craving sticks around for much of the pregnancy then it would seem.
  • Red meat. Plenty of women find this one totally strange. They may have always loved chicken and suddenly find themselves needing red meat. It is rich in iron and the recommendation is to stick to organic lean cuts. But yes, this one is very popular.
  • Chocolate. Now this one we are OK with. Many women report a surge in craving sugary foods, particularly chocolate. Gestational Diabetes is more common than ever these days so your midwife will always recommend that you don't overdo this one.
  • Salt. This one is mentioned time and time again in terms of a woman KNOWING she was pregnant. I can relate to this one. A sudden constant craving for plain salty chips. Yep, I was pregnant and had no idea.
What are your pregnancy cravings? Do you have any strange food combinations that you just have to have? Let us know!

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