Alternative gift ideas for a new mom

If you want to buy something a little different than a baby outfit 

Have you ever thought about buying a present for then mother rather than the baby when a friend or family member has a new baby? Lets be honest, there will be so many presents for the baby. Nappies, baby-grows and cute accessories/toys will come flooding in. Wouldn't it be nice to gift the mum with a little treat after the life affirming experience of pregnancy and giving birth? 
Here are some gift ideas that would go down a treat for a new mum. 
  • A voucher for the nail or hair salon. Chances are she has not treated herself to something like this in quite a while. Wouldn't it be lovely to have something nice to look forward to when she feels like getting out of the house? A €20 voucher could get her a three week manicure or a nice blow dry.
  • A take-away voucher. Until recently I did not know this was even a thing but it absolutely is. You know that website you use to order your take away from your phone? They sell gift cards. You can either email the voucher or have it posted directly to you or the person it's being gifted to. It is no secret that us parents love a cheeky take-away. It is a real treat to have dinner delivered. No cooking, no clean up and just a lovely treat.
  • Pay for a cleaner to come to their house. I just love this one. Imagine the gift of someone coming to your house for 1-2 hours to change the bed-sheets, clean the bathrooms and do the dusting? It would mean the new mother could focus on this precious time with baby without the worry of the house work building up.
  • A babysitting voucher. This one is free but oh so sweet. A hand-written promise to come over and do a spot of baby-sitting at any time of their choice. It might allow them to do a bit of shopping and grab a coffee child-free or maybe it might make a date night possible in a couple of months. Having a trust-worthy friend to baby-sit your child is truly invaluable.
  • A voucher that they simply cannot use for the baby. What about a cinema or restaurant voucher? It would give them something to look forward to and an excuse to treat themselves somewhere down the line when they feel ready. 


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