A Mum Has Created The Coolest Way To Document Ultrasounds

One Irish mum has created the coolest way of documenting the first major milestone in pregnancy. 

Gone are the days of a simple black and white picture - nowadays, we have become quite snazzy or should we say 'artsy'. 
The latest trend is to turn your ultrasound into a piece of art and we have to say - we are absolutely IN LOVE with the idea. 
We can't believe these paintings stem from a sonogram but we couldn't think of anything nicer or more meaningful to hang in our little ones' bedrooms. 
And the best part? These beautiful paintings are by an Irish mum!
Laura Steerman, began Quaint Baby Art, and has been bringing colourful works of abstract art to mums the world over. 
We mean, let's face it, as parents we can all collectively agree the first image of baby in the womb is absolutely precious, so what better way to celebrate that love than to have it mounted in your home?
Check out some of Laura's works below...

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