6 of the BEST Valentine's gifts for a pregnant woman

If you’ve got a special pregnant lady in your life, make this Valentine’s Day extra special

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you’ve got a special pregnant lady in your life, this Valentine’s Day is extra special. Make it even more memorable by doing something for her to mark the occasion. But what, you ask?Why, one of these, of course!
  • Breakfast in bed: Freshly squeezed orange juice, warm coffee and a few pastries- delicious!
  • Be the housekeeper: Daily household chores can be hard to tackle during pregnancy so we'd love to catch a break from cleaning the bathroom and floors, doing the dishes and dusting. So dish up the money, lads, and make your baby mama happy by getting her a helping hand for Valentine's Day or take on the jobs yourself!
  • A good night's sleep: All a pregnant lady wants almost more than anything else is a night of uninterrupted rest. They might not be able to control all these pesky pregnancy side effects that are keeping her up all night, but they certainly wouldn't turn their noses up at the opportunity to sleep a solid eight hours straight without any other interruptions!
  • Anything that has nothing to do with pregnancy: This may well be the this last, baby-free Valentine's Day for some reading this. Get her jewelry, get her a massage, get her dinner to her favorite pasta place—it doesn't matter as long as it has nothing to do with pregnancy. Oh, and bring Rennie for the heartburn!
  • The softest bathrobe and comfy PJ's: When you're pregnant, you have to get out of bed constantly, either to pee or because you're simply uncomfortable... so it would be nice to have a soft, cute and (dare we say it) even sexy outfit to wear to bed that's functional and makes her feel gorgeous.
  • A pregnancy pamper session: When you're pregnant, especially towards the end, all so many of us want is to sit back, relax and have our feet and legs massaged! All that pressure from carrying a baby takes a its toll on a pregnent lady's poor feet and legs. Once she sits in that pedicure chair it will be like she has died and gone to heaven!
Ladies, what other gift ideas would you give to significant others shopping/organising something for a pregnant woman this Valentine’s Day?

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