10 things they REALLY should teach in antenatal classes

If any antenatal classes taught these things- we'd be queuing around the block!

Did you go to antenatal classes when you were pregnant, or are you pregnant and going soon?
I did on my first, but then didn't on my second. Sure I thought I was an expert by then! But had any antenatal classes taught these things, well then I think I might have made the effort the second time around too!
  • How to tell the difference between a bought of indigestion and an actual contraction
  • How to find a parking spot close enough to the hospital so that you don’t have to waddle 2km for your appointments
  • How to use a bathroom after the epidural goes in
  • How to nicely explain to visitors that visit the hospital that you need your zzzz's and they need to exit stage left!
  • How to change a newborn’s nappy in the back of a car!
  • How to cook a family dinner one handed
  • How to change a baby boy's nappy without getting peed in the face
  • How to eat dinner and breast/bottle feed at the same time
  • How to secure baby into a car seat in the lashing rain without getting lashed on
  • How to get your sleep back!

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