10 NOT-so-fun parts of pregnancy

We all know about the best parts but it's not all a bed of roses..

It’s the most wonderful time of a woman’s life, that little bundle of joy growing inside you. Its 9 months of excitement, joy and happiness. But there is the downside to pregnancy as we all know but like all tough cookies out there we struggle on. Here are a few pregnancy woes that reach us all at some stage during the 9months
  • The first trimester morning/all day/evening sickness – take your pick ladies. It Seems like you’re so hung-over especially hanging over the toilet seat,  it brings you back to your college days! But, sadly it’s not the result of falling in the door at 5am,nope it’s your welcome to the world of pregnancy! And the worst thing, it’s not just one day of sickness as we all know!
  • You finally realize what the word exhausted means! And you probably would love to slap someone who says there exhausted but haven’t the faintest idea of the true meaning of it! You come home from work, sit on the couch and nod off. Next thing you know you wake up and it’s past 8pm. That’s if your are able to nap, spare a thought for the ladies with more kids and keep going until they get them to bed and then have to go to bed too with tiredness!
  • Weight gain – there is nothing worse than that in between stage of pregnancy! The part where you try desperately to zip up your old jeans, because the new maternity jeans you bought don’t fit you just yet. So, you resort to buying a bigger size which leads to people thinking “oh she put on a little weight”. It’s blame the wine and takeaways until you’re ready to tell people
  • No alcohol – I can’t be the only one who finds this tough, no weekend vino , no after work drinks, it’s a long 9 months! Hence why I think we get this detox glow, wonderful for our livers!
  • Emotional rollercoaster – hop on board the laughter,tears,frustration,happy sad,rollercoaster of pregnancy ! And these could all happen inside a few minutes of each other. Yes our poor hormones come a full circle laughing one minute and crying over anything the next minute. And don’t even try to argue with a pregnant lady, we always win!
  • The more our bump grows the more aches and pains arrive. Trying to stand up quick after sitting for a long period is like watching your granny stand up without her stick! And then the waddle appears. I used to think it couldn’t exist, but with so much pressure and aches it comes naturally. Like little waddling ducks we resemble 
  • Pressure – Our little poppet knows how to put the pressure on! Especially when that little head drops , wow is it hard to walk then, you almost feel like they will fall out !Combined with strong kicks,thumps and jumps we are human trampolines
  • Night time – Oh who doesn’t love bed after a long day. You just want to curl round your side but then the toilet fun begins. Your bladder, don’t you just love it! You might just have drained every last drop from it and no sooner are you back in bed and you feel more bladder pressure, off we go again to the toilet. Zombie mode sets in after a few trips as it just becomes the norm!
  • Struggling to sleep – It’s not that you not tired, but more so you cant get comfy and your brain won’t shut down- hello pregnancy insomnia! The books tell you to avoid sleeping on your back, your bump is too big to sleep on so it’s left or right and it just gets more uncomfortable the bigger your bump gets. Turning sides is a complete process – roll on your back then roll to your side, the ability to just flip over quickly is well gone!!
  • The hungry/not hungry phase – You probably avoided foods during any sickness you had at the start, but when it passes, pass the five course meal please!!You are making up for lost time and rightly so. Then as baby grows and all your insides become a little more squished , your appetite fades a little too. A few mouthfuls of dinner and you full, or you might just nibble bits throughout the day. Ah the joys!
But at the end of all this, we have carried a little baby for 9 months, sometimes longer! And is it worth, absolutely, that’s why we do it again, we forget what we go through when we see their wee faces, and that’s why mummy’s are super !
Thanks to Caroline, mum to one threenager and soon to be mum to a new baby later this year
Check out Caroline's Instagram page @eire_mummy

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