Tips on building a strong relationship with your kids

The right type of parent child bonding takes effort and wisdom

When you have a child you will be overcome with the love you feel for them and they too in turn will adore their parents. However while love is a great basis for a relationship it still takes work to connect with your child all the time and avoid conflicts between you both. Here we have put together a few tips and ways to have a great relationship with your youngster and one that will carry on being good well into your old age. 
  • All relationships take work, patience and understanding and a child/parent relationship is no different and parents should treat it as such. Connecting with your youngster from a young age is vital as those first few months are paramount to your kiddie’s development. Your children will adore you from the moment they are born and it is up to parents to take charge of the bond between you both.
  • As kids get older it is harder to stay connected as family life is incredibly busy and life can erode the bonds you have made when you are too busy to prioritise each other first. Make it a priority to have a talk with your child each day, especially when they are of school age and have their own little lives going on away from Mam and Dad. Be available and take caution when telling a child you don’t have the time to talk to them as nothing is more important than your kid needing to chat to you and who knows when they may need help or advice. 
  • Show your children how to love, and put it into action by promoting mutual respect at home and don’t over punish or demean your kid as this will only allow them to slip further from you. Of course children do need to be punished if they have behaved badly but teach your child to forgive and forget and move on positively rather than reminding your child of their mistake for months afterwards. In the face of conflicts (which will inevitably arise as your kids grow older and push boundaries to get more freedom) find ways to work it out and never walk away from an issue assuming it will disappear. 
  • Encourage your kids to interact with you and listen to problem solve and figure out the best way to fix things if there is rift between you both and avoid at all costs drifting away from each other. Don’t hold your child’s anger or frustrations as a personal attack on you, and don’t take it personally as kids will act out and push you away but it is up to you to reel them back in. 
Remember that parent and children relationships work better if you talk regularly, care for each other and share a love that bounds you together in a snug way. Remember that no matter what age they are, your children will always need you Stay true to yourselves and enjoy your relationship and hold onto the bond you have for life as you need each other and always will. 

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