Things parents say on a night away without the kids!

Bet you've all said or thought some of these!

Don’t you just love glorious nights away on your own without from the kids once in a little while?
When all you have to do is find a comfy chair and lounge around all day if you like. The quiet, the peace and the tranquillity of a secluded hotel with all the mod cons and you can just relax and rest. Getting that all important weekend away with your partner/mates is vital and so well deserved, after all parents put in a hard slog. Though there are some things parents say on weekends away and here we have listed them for your amusement.
  • “What are we going to do?”- You have got your room all sorted, and it is only noon and you are wondering how best to fill your day. Maybe a little walk? A spot of lunch and a sneaky drink? Then some sightseeing perhaps?
  • “It is very quiet, too quiet”- Of course it is quiet! Kids are noisy and when they are all in one room jeez they overpower even the dogs barking. Enjoy it, sure you may hear a pin drop in the room but it is only for the weekend.
  • “What do people without kids do all day?”- It is hard to imagine your life pre kids and on weekends away from the little ones you will wonder how you filled your days before the rowdy bunch came along. Pre kids it is all about you, doing nice things and going nice places but post kids it is about getting through the day without losing your marbles!
  • “Will I call the kids?”- No! It took you an hour to leave them and there was nearly surgery needed to unattach your very stubborn toddler from your leg. They will be fine with their grandparents and they love to have the little monsters sure!
  • “That was a lovely meal and not one interruption”- Usually dinner is shoved down your gob while telling off your kids for interrupting their sister or picking fights. Now it is just you and your partner and romantic music in the background, absolute bliss I say.
  • “I have read the whole paper in one hour”- It can take a parent maybe a whole day and even more to read the paper thoroughly however in your retreat it is possible to read in one seating. Armed with a steaming hot cup of coffee and a posh scone you are as chilled out as you could ever be.
  • “The kids would love that souvenir”- It is only a two night break but you have to bring a small gift for the youngsters at home, and there is so much to choose from. Leave out the souvenirs for the grandparents and hit the off licence for a bottle of vino as they will need it once you have collected the kids.
  • “Maybe we can leave now and get home to the kids earlier”- It is only 8am and by no means should you be shortening your stay. Take a long hot bath, go for a delicious breakfast and take another stroll around the local area. This is your time and use it well people!
Later you will be bursting through the door to your adorable kids and have them at home with you all settled and cuddled up in your arms. Or it will be absolute chaos and all will be back to normal! Joys of parenting I guess?

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