The Weird Things Couples Fight Over

There are certain subjects guaranteed to put an abrupt end to your domestic bliss. 

My husband and I often say that we didn’t really love each other until we argued for the first time; “it was love at first fight.” 
Everyone who's been in/is in a long-term relationship knows it's the little things that get on your nerves. From hanging the toilet paper to leaving their shoes out to simply deciding what to have to for dinner. There are certain subjects guaranteed to put an abrupt end to your domestic bliss. I'm not talking about those big, life-changing rows I'm talking about the little, seemingly innocuous annoyances that can put a damper on a usually peaceful, happy home. Check out these 20 things guaranteed to start a rumble with your other half that we bet every couple can relate to:
  • The music in the car
  • Sleeping positions
  • Deciding what take out food to order - pizza, Chinese, chipper?
  • The "you watched Game of Thrones without me" conversation
  • Motorway v Backroads
  • Snoring
  • The "Oh I forgot to tell you I'm away next week with work" conversation
  • No, it's your turn to get up with the kids
  • A forgotten anniversary
  • That thing you asked them to do 3 weeks ago
  • How much something cost
  • The Mother in Law
  • Recycling techniques (or lack of them!)
  • The toilet roll (left off the holder or positoned 'incorrectly')
  • The toilet seat left up
  • How the laundry is folded
  • How the dishwasher is loaded (or not loaded - dirty dishes left on the sink right next to the dishwasher)
  • Where the toothpaste gets squeezed from 
  • What year something happened in- 1985, no 1984!
  • The empty biscuit, crisps, sweet packet still left in the cupboard
Are we missiing any?

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