Some alternative ideas for Valentines if you're not exactly all loved up

Here are a few suggestions on what you can do just outta undying love for your little old self..

Ah yes here we are again lads...Valentines! The one day of the year when you feel pressured to declare your undying love for someone. A day when everything is stupidly overpriced and overbooked. Surely though we should be spoilt everyday really...although I guess it we were then we may get a uppity so maybe not. I sound like I'm giving out about Valentines, well I am and I'm not. Myself and Hubalicious don't really celebrate it too much, we get each other a card, maybe a little something and I cook us a "special" dinner but if we did choose to go mad and go out shur we'd be robbed!! (If he did decide we were going out I certainly wouldn't whinge about it though).
Anyhow that first paragraph there was just something I wanted to have a mini rant about really, it doesn't really relate to the rest of the here we go.
Maybe like me, you're partnered up, maybe you're not, actually I should say maybe you're LOVED up and maybe you're not, cos as we all know, you can be in a relationship and not in love or there's no love shown (in which case I hope you are striving with all of your might to get out of that relationship please). Whichever you are, whoever you are we all deserve a little love in our lives and who says it has to be given to us by another, sometimes we all need to take time out and love ourselves. Don't sit around feeling forlorn over one day of the year, you're only feeling worse about it because the media and shops put it in your face, you see couples canoodling everyday, everywhere after all.
Here are a few suggestions on what you can do just outta undying love for your little old in fairness there is only one of you so what's not to love?
The Little Things;
  • Go and buy yourself some flowers annnd a box of Lindt.
  • Curl up on your sofa with said choices and a nice bottle of wine that may have found its way into your basket and watch a horror (otherwise you're likely to get to emotional).
  • Have a pamper night. Get your face-pack out, chop that cucumber and slap it on them lovely eyes.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day...or at least a manicure...ooooh a pedicure....lovvve them!
  • Treat yourself to that fab what if you can't really justify you can.
  • Get your gorge new outfit on and get the girls (or boys) together and crash the romantic vibes at a posh a loud snort now and again when you’re laughing just for the craic! The rosemantics will be disgusted.
  • Send somebody you love a Valentine's card, not in a "I wanna sex you up" kinda way, more in a "I love you cos I care for you" kinda way... ie; you can send one to your bestie just to say you love her cos she's your bestie.
  • Go spend time with somebody you love, your Nan...Pop Pop...your aunty Mary?
Do something you it especially if it's something you've really been wanting to do, like skydiving or volunteering at the animal shelter (free furry cuddles! Win winWho needs slow, smoochy music when you can dance round like a mad yoke to songs like these...
Sexy & I Know It- LMFAO
Born This Way- Lady Gaga 
Shake It Off - Taylor Swift 
I's My Life- Bon Jovi
I'll throw a quare one in now by the Divinyls 
I love that song, it's gas...reminds me of this karaoke one time.....annnywho.... that list could go on but that'll keep ye going for now!
The Bigger Things;
If, like I mentioned above, you are caught in a loveless relationship, I really hope you realise that you deserve love from the right person and I hope you find the strength you need to walk away. Put your needs (and maybe your kid’s needs) first and move away from the badness, the darkness, the sadness, the loneliness and see that you deserve better, you deserve more. You'll go through phases thinking, there's nothing or nobody else for you.... there is. There is something better, there is someone better waiting for you to find it. It won't be easy, there will be big changes, scary changes but it will be worth it in the end.
Think like have a son/daughter, you would never allow or you would try your best for them never to be in a situation like yours why would you put yourself through it? Also if kids are involved, remember kids do what they you want them think what they see is ok? Remember one day your kids will grow up and go their own way and you and your not-so-beloved will be rattling around that house hating each other all the more. We live and we learn, but don't leave it too late to do the living or loving. I think maybe the important thing here is LOVE YOURSELF, don't wait to receive it from somebody else, you need to love you first and everything else will follow.
Happy Valentine's
Written by Donna Eldridge, mummy blogger and occasional writer at
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Donna tells us she's from the greatest footballing village of all time, Rhode in Co. Offaly. She moved to south London on holiday after her Leaving cert, 15yrs ago. She's married with a little boy. She's worked in various pubs, ran one and currently work for a bedroom furniture retail company.

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