Signs that your 'family' is feeling stressed.

Every family goes through hard times and while for most part it is only a short-term problem sometimes it can get out of control.

Every family goes through hard times and while for most part it is only a short-term problem sometimes it can get out of control. Being stressed yourself, is hard enough but when your anxiety passes through to the family it is awfully hard to gain back some control. Here are signs that your family is stressed and ways to get back to normal.
  • Everyone is arguing all the time- You know the moment when everyone is picking on one another and it becomes too easy to slag one another off or say horrible things. This is not the way a family should behave in the long-term. Sure, families will argue but it shouldn’t be cruel or continue till everyone stops talking to one another.
  • There isn’t as much laughter as normal- If everyone is busy and not conversing as normal it means there will be less times to laugh and have fun. No family wants to be miserable and if you are all sad or unhappy you must act.
  • Kids are unhappy- Unhappy kids are a sure-fire sign that something is going on and it must be dealt with straight away. If children are unhappy it will naturally spill into their everyday lives and effect their school work and mental health.
  • Everything is frantic, yet nothing is getting done- Everyone is running around trying to get things done yet nothing is getting finished and everyone is screaming at one other.
  • Extended family have noticed- It is easy to notice when a family are under pressure and if your family have mentioned it than you should consider having a family meeting to discuss. Not only is it embarrassing that others have noted your issues, but it isn’t healthy for family to be stressed out all the time.
  • You and your partner are at odds with one another too- You and your partner may find you are both arguing as the kids are being bold while juggling to find the right balance of work and home is muffled.
Things to do to de-stress your house:
  • Have a family meeting- A family meeting will allow you to speak to each other around the table in a sensible manner. Let everyone air their thoughts and discuss options on easing the pressure in the household.
  • Plan a rota- To get along everyone must do their bit and following a strict schedule or rota will enable everyone to do their part and be active in family chores.
  • Go out together- Go for walks, take trips to the park and enjoy family moments. Take yourself away from the house if you are stressed and talk to other friends and family.
  • Keep your home calm and don’t allow arguments to get out of hand- Arguments will happen but they should be respectful and not aggressive. Avoid things getting out of hand by dealing with matters as they happen in a calm way.
  • Be happy- Life is short and it is vital that you and your family enjoy your time as a family.


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