How your relationship changes after having kids

If you think adding a little person won’t change your life you’re kidding yourself. 

When you decide to have kids with your partner it is an exciting time and little do you realise the impact children will have on you and your spouse.  Something so small and dainty comes into your world and literally blows it to bits, and changes everything about your relationship but also about yourself. Having children is another phase in your relationship and things will change once you have them but don’t worry once you adapt to the changes it’s all good. 
The days of long, lazy and peaceful holidays are gone as once you have kids there is no way a holiday can be tranquil. While you loved the “Adults only” hotels and the glamour of the fanciest clubs in town and the days it was just you and your partner cut off from the world. However time has moved on and there is nothing better than seeing your kid’s excitement once they hit the theme park. 
Years ago when it was only the two of you to think about you would have every weekend booked up with events, parties and concerts to go to. Even if you awoke on a Saturday morning to being able to do nothing you guys would book something on a whim and head out for the day embracing the freedom to do as you wanted and loving the time alone together. Now the kids fill up the events with their constant invitations to birthday parties and family days out, which are really fun too. It is different to how it was, but the few nights off you do get are truly sacred and you have to work harder to find the time to spend together but it is worth it.
Birthdays were the most important thing in your house pre kids and the day would be spent spoiling your partner with gifts and food treats. Though the kids have taken over the birthdays and you both are less selfish to expect so much for a birthday and realise that family is the greatest gift of all. 
The art of conversation is something that can be left behind after you have children as these little ones are always ready to listen to Mam and Dad’s private conversations. In most cases if you both have something important to talk about it has to be booked in and pre planned like a clinical exercise. Other chats consist of spelling parts of the conversation out. The days of long chit chats between yourself and your partner are a thing of the past but kids talk and talk so you are probably too tired to chat anyway.
Happiness is different once you become parents. Having children fill you with such pride They are the best thing to ever happen to you both and you both are grateful to each other for doing their bit so to speak! 
Relationships change after having kids but it is definitely for the better and nothing glues you together more than a bunch of mad children running around!

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