Every child needs one on one time.

The benefits of spending quality one on one time with your child

When you have more than one child it is hard to find the time to give each child one on one time where they will get your full attention for a few hours. Life is busy and things get in the way, it can be hard enough to even get any family time in a week never mind one on one. However, it is vital for you and your child to get this quality time to connect with each other and to spend moments laughing or talking without interruption.
You of course will be familiar with your kids talking over each other frequently and getting moody when they feel they are not been heard by anyone. It can cause a kiddie to become stressed, grumpy and actually act out to try and seek your full consideration. What parents need to recognise is that children have an innate drive for a parent’s full attention at all times, it isn’t that they are needy but rather they want to feel loved, cherished and special. Dividing attention between your children is perfectly fine but there comes a time when a kiddie needs you and only you to comfort them or remind them why they matter to you.
One on one time can minimise sibling rivalry in families as kids will become accustomed to mammy or daddy having time with each of them weekly and they won’t feel the need to compete with each other to gain your attention. Those little moments give you both the chance to talk uninterrupted, and get away from the rigours of family life. A busy family life can make a child feel overwhelmed at times and taking these breaks to shut the craziness away while relaxing with your nipper is imperative to a youngster. It promotes their feeling of self-importance and their confidence levels, which mean your child will be happier and contented in the long run.
From a parent’s perspective one on one time allows you to get to know your child better, in these moments you can learn about your kiddies loves and passions some of which you can be unaware of as a result of busy family life. It is a time to connect with your tiny one away from others and find your common ground, your shared loves and a mutual bond. Each child needs different things from one on one time some kids will enjoy a coffee shop visit, others will like a shopping trip and for some a movie at home will suffice. Noticing your children’s differences will show you what the best way is to spend the one on one time together and during this time you should put the phone away while just being their parent for those precious moments.
Though family life is busy there has to be time in the week to put aside an hour or two to look into your kiddie’s eyes and only theirs to learn more about each other. Family you may be but it takes a lot of care and love to keep a relationship healthy, you may find your kid will open up to you about any worries or things that bother them away from the gazes of their siblings. Some children just do better in small groups and some adore the alone time as they become the most important person in the world to you and every child needs to feel that in life. 

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