'Dear Stepmum...' Mum Shares Beautiful Poem Written By Her Stepson

My stepson has written me a beautiful poem, which has been framed and will soon be hanging in our home. 

I had written a different blog to start the year but when my stepson gave me my incredibly thoughtful Christmas present I had to share it. 
His gift to me cost him nothing financially but it is priceless for its emotion and for being heartfelt.
My stepsonhas written me a beautiful poem, which has been framed and will soon be hanging in our home.
If I ever feel the need to question my decisions in life and why I am where I am, especially when times are tough, this beautiful poem will always remind me why I did not bail. 
My Stepmum
Although I don’t talk enough, you never huff and puff.
Seeing you always gives me a boost 
and all my fears are greatly reduced.
You are a great cook, and
don’t even get me started on all the great trips for us you book.
Though I don’t always respond 
of you I am very fond.
At Scrabble you are a beast 
and Rummikub you are never least.
Trust me when I say this, 
spending time with you is just bliss. 
And sometimes I know I can be a bore 
but it is you that I truly adore.
You are, and, always will be the best stepmum I could ever have asked for.
Thank you,
Love always, Will
December 2018
Written by Kathryn Maile. Originally from Ireland, Kathryn moved to London over 20 years ago and worked in the Finance Industry in the City. She became a stepmumin 2006 to three lovely children and became a mum to a wonderful son in 2012. The children adore each other which is just wonderful to see and experience, she says Read more on www.mystepmumandme.co.uk.

Kathryn Maile

Kathryn Maile is stepmum to three children and mum to one of her own. She will happily share more 'food for thought' on step-parenting and the challenges faced throughout in her blog.

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