Could A 'Sleep Divorce' Save Your Relationship?

A 'sleep divorce' is when couples choose to sleep in different rooms.

We all know the importance of sleep, especially after a night of tossing and turning.
However, while many of us simply couldn’t sleep without our partner beside us, it seems that others are going in the opposite direction and getting 'sleep divorces' in order to enjoy get proper shut-eye each night.
For those who share a bed with a starfish or a snorer, the idea of a so-called 'sleep divorce', whereby couples sleep in different rooms, might be right up your alley!
Not getting enough shut-eye can leave you feeling cranky, irritated and unmotivated, so it’s not surprising that wanting to sleep divorces are a thing.
However, it’s not just due to your partner’s nocturnal habits that might want you to consider it, a new baby can also impact on your sleep and many couples will opt to sleep in different rooms so they get a least one or two good night’s sleep a week.  
A couple recently appeared on American TV show The Doctors to discuss their very own 'sleep divorce', saying that it has made a huge difference in their marriage. They decided to go down this route fairly early on in their relationship. 
Couple Jamie and Jeff have been sleeping in separate bedrooms since they started dating due to Jeff’s snoring.
Jeff has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and has had surgery on his nose to deal with the issue. Jamie says she can’t sleep with the nose and finds lack of sleep drastically impacts on her mood.
But they're definitely not the only ones. Following a poll issued by the show, 18% of the audience said that they also sleep in separate beds or bedrooms.
This is not the first mention of 'sleep divorces' though. 
In 2010, a study by the National Sleep Foundation found that almost a quarter of couples have filed for a "sleep divorce".
And in 2018, a survey conducted by Mattress Clarity of 3,000 Americans has found 30.9 percent of Americans would like to sleep separately from their significant other.
An interesting concept, and as we reach for our fourth coffee of the morning, we can totally see how it has caught on!

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