Breastfeeding Mums Have More Sex

A new study reveals why?

Maybe it’s another old wives tale, but I had thought I heard that breast feeding a baby had a negative impact on your sex life.
The reasons- hormones, because mum is bonding with baby rather than her partner… among lots of others. However, a recent study tells otherwise! The results tell that mums who breastfeed have more sex than those who do not!
A study undertaken by the University of Colorado questioned 260 women about their breastfeeding habits, as well as how often they had sex with their partners. Turns out that those who breastfed were more not only more sexually active than non-breastfeeders, but they were also more committed and satisfied with their other half.
The theory is that women who breastfeed are trying harder to close the rift that sometimes widens between a couple when a new baby comes because of all of latching on that is required during breast feeding. As a result, breastfeeding moms made an added effort to stabilize their relationship.
Interesting theory!
At the end of the day coping with a new baby is hard work and tiring at the best of times, and breastfeeding does take a big commitment. During the early days with a new baby nestled at your breast, it's easy to forget a little about the man who helped bring the gorgeous little baby into the world. I suppose the odds are high that he's craving a little TLC too and perhaps you too mum?
If you breastfed, how did it impact on your sex life?

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