7 Reasons why cousins make the best friends.

They act more like siblings than cousins, and more like best friends than siblings

Growing up it can be a real joy having cousins to play with, and you will carry on hanging out as the years fly by. Cousins, unlike siblings, are not in your face every day so you enjoy the time you get together as it may be a while until you see each other again!
Here are a few reasons why cousins make great buddies not just for your younger years but for life.
  • Childhood fun- It is great that cousins can have fun together and spend their summer days playing and exploring. You may have hung out of trees and drove around on your bikes for hours, enjoying the days when everything was simple and your biggest problem was what lolly pop flavour you wanted!
  • You all equally understand your crazy family- Having friends is great but they never fully understand why Auntie Christine is to be avoided at all costs or why Uncle Bert is a cranky old man! With cousins there is no need to explain, you just all get the madness and act accordingly.
  • Having someone to hang out with at family events and occasions- For many young kids, weddings, christenings and communions would have been incredibly boring without your cousins to play with. They made a day of hanging around hotels fun, running around playing chasing and hiding underneath tables.
  • Shared love of your grandparents- There is possibly nothing better when you are young then visiting Nana and Granddad as they spoil you and give you so much attention. Your cousins will know how good Nana's food is and you will all visit together at times and appreciate how brilliant the old folks are.
  • Inside jokes and funny memories- Only cousins and siblings can have memories of your childhood where you broke a potted plant and tried to cover it up. Or the time you painted your dolly purple and blamed it on your younger cousin, and these memories will stay with you all forever.
  • Shared history- While you all will go to family events and occasions you will all also have sad events like funerals to attend throughout the years. You will have had family illnesses, redundancies and possible bankruptcy’s dealt with throughout the years and found it easier with each other as support or distraction. With the happy memories come sad memories but having people who knew what you were going through made it easier.
  • You will always pick up where you left off- As you get older and have families yourselves you may not see each other as often though you will just reconnect and pick up where you left off from. You will take an interest in each other’s lives, and always be there for each other if needs be.
Cousins really are great to have and are friends for life, so go on call up your cousin now and meet up!


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