10 different date night ideas for parents

Do you struggle with ideas for a spontaneous date night?

With recent reports that two-thirds of couples become dissatisfied with their relationships within the first three years after having a child we have decided to compile a list of spontaneous and unusual days out and date nights, you could try to retain that spark.
Here is a list of 10 different date nights ideas:
  • Why not give hiking a go? A trip up the Sugar Loaf, the Hell Fire Club or somewhere picturesque local to you.
  • Book a comedy gig. There's nothing like a good auld belly laugh.
  • Take a cooking class together. It can one of two ways, one way being someone might even learn a thing or two.
  • Let your hair down and head to a music festival during the summer. Ireland has some amazing events this summer, take advantage.
  • Take a cocktail making class. Or mocktail if alcohol isn't your thing.
  • Play tourist in your city and go see all the must-see attractions. Even take an open top tour bus around your city.
  • Go to a gig. Is there a band you once loved doing a comeback tour?
  • Why not even try a self-defence class together?
  • Play a board game... possibly involving some alcohol!
  • Have a staycation. Book your kids out for the night as if you were going away, but don’t leave the house. Stay in, order takeaway and enjoy the silence, the uninterrupted sleep and most of the lie in!

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