Things a working mother never wants to hear!

Mom blogger sounds off on the worst things to say to a working woman with kids.

Things a working mother never wants to hear!
I am a working mother.
I am also lucky enough that I have an extremely understanding family and they are fully supportive of my need to work, they also help me no end with my children and for that I will be forever eternally grateful. However I have had experiences of people judging me for working and leaving my kids at home. I think with some people there is still a stigma (in even this day and age) attached to a Mother leaving the children and going to work.
There are the mothers who need the extra income and the bills and mortgage being paid heavily relies on that income. Then there are the mothers who studied years for a career and they truly enjoy their jobs, it is quite simply a part of them, so why would they give that up? More importantly why should anyone judge a working mother that they know nothing about?
With all this in mind here is a list of things a mother never wants to hear!
“You must really enjoy your job”
I might or I might not. It’s really none of anyone’s business. It is not a tossup of job v kids. I do what I have to for the benefit of my family- not all of us have a choice.
“I couldn’t leave my kids for hours each day”
The dark winter 6am starts to get myself ready before the kids rise are so tough! Packing my children into the car bleary eyed and exhausted is no fun, but, as I said above, I do what I have - not all of us have a choice.
“I couldn’t let someone else raise my children”
Another classic from an ill-informed person. Someone else isn’t raising them, they help with their care.
“Your child would behave better if you were at home more”
So apparently kids don’t misbehave when their mothers are at home? Well that’s funny as even over the school holidays kids are still are bold at times and get into trouble! No child is perfect no matter the circumstances at home.
“Can’t you just work part time”?
I would love to go to work only a couple of days a week, however my job needs me full time and working part time would not be beneficial financially to us! I have already thought things through, and weighed it all up time and time again, believe me!
“You should really join the P.T.A” (Parent – Teacher- Association)
If I had the spare hours I would but I can’t fit everything in. I will volunteer when there is a bag pack for example, but I’m afraid that is the best I can offer at this time.
“Dance classes start at 4pm”
This really annoys me. Nearly all activities after school occur at this time. I know classes are on early for younger kids as they get tired, but as a working Mum I can’t get my child to these classes at that time. This leads to a disgruntled child and agitated parent. More classes after 6pm would be super.
“If you cut back on your spend you might be able to give up work”
Cut back on what, like eating or electricity? I’m hardly living a charmed lifestyle, if only? My idea of a treat is a Chinese takeaway on a Friday night and Monopoly with the kids!
“I don’t know how you do it?”
No neither do I, but I have to. I am constantly battling piles of washing, cleaning/tidying the house and going through homework all after a ten hour day working and commuting. If I wasn’t as organised as I have to be, I think we’d all be eating micro-chips! I am literally chasing my tail on a daily basis, but guess what?
I do it, and we do it all as a family and we appreciate each other all the more for our efforts. Rant over!
Kindly written by a mum and reader of Family Friendly HQ

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