The End of Maternity Leave: words for Mummy on her first day back at work

This poem for a mum returning to work after baby will give you all the feels

It's a really tough day.
It’s been marked on the calendar for ages, yet you don't try to focus on it to much as you want to enjoy every minute with your new baby. When the day eventually comes,  you could mark it down as one of the most upsetting days of motherhood. It's a day filled with a whirlwind of emotions. We're talking about that day when a new mum heads back to work at the end of maternity leave.
This absulutely beautiful poem by London based dad blogger Youthedaddyis so poignat and so on point. This husband and father wrote it for his wife to help her with her first day back and it'll have you in tears, it's so gorgeous and thoughtful.
In his blog post he writes: "To to give my wife Rosie the courage to make it through her first week back at work after maternity leave, Teddy and I wrote her a little poem, to ease her mind and remind her of all the things to look forward to about returning to ‘paid employment. And, hopefully, for any other new mums going through the same, this poem can also give you little boost too…
You’ve got this mama!"
It's entitled,
The End of Maternity Leave: a poem for Mummy on her first day back at work
"You’ve cared for me tirelessly,
since the day I popped out
and I’ve loved every minute,
of that, there’s no doubt.
But it’s time now to head back
to your nine to five;
I know it seems scary, but
I know you’ll survive.
Just think of the freedom
you’ll have, once you’re there,
with no nappies to change,
or me, pulling your hair.
Like drinking a cuppa
before it’s gone cold,
and dealing with grown ups
who do as they’re told.
Or grabbing a sandwich
when lunch hour hits,
without having to chop it
into small bite sized bits.
And wearing clean clothes
(that I’ve not yet stained),
while mingling with adults
who are all potty trained!
Plus, I’ll be just fine mum,
so don’t get distraught.
You’ve prepared me so well
with all that you’ve taught.
I won’t scream the place down;
I’ll smile on cue;
I’ll eat all my lunch up
and sleep when asked too.
Of course, I’ll miss you,
but the hours will fly by…
so be a brave mummy,
and try not to cry.
You’ve left me in safe hands.
It’ll be a right laugh!
I’ll fill you in later,
when you give me my bath…
It’s time to head off now,
or else you’ll be late!
Just try to enjoy it…
I know you’ll be great.
I see you’re still nervous
but, really, we’ll be alright.
So chin up, head down
and I’ll see you tonight!

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