Parenting tips for the busy party season.

It is nearly Christmas, and everyone knows how the party season gets into full swing leaving parents utterly exhausted!

It is nearly Christmas, and everyone knows how the party season gets into full swing leaving parents utterly exhausted!
It isn’t like many moons ago when you could party your life away and then chill the next day! Kids still need parents to do bits for them and if a parent is wrecked after a night out it can be quite difficult. Here we have put together some tips as we know the struggle is real!
  • Get help- It is the season of goodwill so pull in every single favour you are owed and get the kids cared for overnight! This will give you a full night’s sleep even if you only get to bed at 3am you can stay there till midday before you must think about the kids!
  • Eat well- We know it is Christmas, so you will eat but the key thing here is to eat well. Eat food that gives you natural energy and keep doing so for the month of December, so you can be healthy and full of energy!
  • Exercise- You may not feel like it but again a bit of exercise goes a long way in keeping you fit and mentally strong. A good brisk walk will knock out the cobwebs and cure any hangover you may have!
  • Trade the kids- This works well in families that have many kids. You can take your sister or brothers kids one weekend and ask them to take yours the next weekend after that. This ensures you all get to have your party nights and still, get to relax and have fun without worrying about the kids care.
  • Get rest when you can- Get to bed early during the week and especially if you have burned yourself out in the days gone by. A good sleep will get you back to normal quick smart after all.
  • Include the kids where you can- If it is family occasions you can include the kids in the celebrations and make a night of it! Sure, the nippers may be a little moody but if they are with their siblings or cousins/friends they should enjoy it and you don’t have to worry about the babysitters!
  • Ask your partner to take turns getting up in the morning- Be kind to one another as you both will have your own nights out so make a deal beforehand that whoever is out will get a lie in the next morning.
  • Use bribery- The kids may be full of beans the morning after your night out, but they can be bribed (this once) to sit down and chill out with movies, pizza and ice cream. Not ideal all the time but needs must, and parents need to refresh after a hard night out and this could give you exactly that.
  • Cook ahead of time- If you are any way organised you could cook food ahead of time so that when you are tired after parties and gatherings you won’t have to worry about feeding your family. Having a few backups in the freezer is ideal and Bing! Dinner is served!

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